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Monday, March 4, 2024

Laming shocked to learn DH in ADHD does’t stand for dickhead (The Chaser)

Disgraced politician and amateur photographer Andrew Laming has alluded to the information this week that his actions regarding the upskirting of a woman were a result of his ADHD diagnosis; much to the surprise of medical professionals and the ADHD community who as yet, have not identified this as a symptom.

“It’s nice to finally have this diagnosis,” said Laming. “I’m glad I now can do whatever I want without any consequences.”
However, some people in the ADHD community have scrutinised Laming’s statements, stating that ADHD does not in fact heighten the likelihood of being a sex offender.

“I mean this is fucking ridiculous,” said literally the first doctor we spoke to, “If I were to diagnose him with anything it would just be being a massive fuckhead.”

Once informed that ADHD doesn’t cause you to take up-skirting photos, Laming went on to reveal that he’s also been diagnosed with autism, asbergers, mad Cows, postpartum depression, vaginal tearing and a hangnail.

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