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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Labor To Back Ordinary, Hard-Working Millionaires (The Shovel)

Saying it was time to return to the party’s roots, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has made a range of announcements which he says will appeal to Labor’s traditional base of everyday, hard-working rich people.

“I think we’ve lost our way,” Albanese said. “When people think about Labor and what it stands for, they think of lending a hand to those grinding out a living in the top tax bracket. Ordinary families trying to make ends meet. Hard-working mums and dads trying to put food on the new table that they bought for the holiday house in Palm Beach”.

He said the party had been drifting from its core purpose. “The truth is, we’ve diverged from our values. We want to be the party for workers. Those regular Australian workers looking for some relief in the $180k-$200k per annum wage range”.

Mr Albanese also defended his party’s plans to move away from its policy of scrapping negative gearing. “We want to give every working investor the chance to own their first negatively geared property”.

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