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Kristina Keneally concedes defeat: “I’ve been honoured to stand for the people of [need to ask Terry name of electorate]” (The Shovel)

After being parachuted into the Western Sydney seat ahead of more-favoured local candidate Tu Le, former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally has conceded defeat, saying in a statement that she had “always felt a close connection to the area of <Hi Terry, can you please confirm correct name before publication, thanks KK>”.

The statement continued, “It’s been an absolute honour to get to know so many of you these past few weeks. Like <can you put in an anecdote here please?>  and <and another one here?>.

“The tightknit community here is so special – it’s like its own little private island in the middle of Sydney. Not a literal private island in the middle of Sydney like the one I live on in the Northern Beaches. But you get what I mean.  

“I’ll never forget this special place. Although I’m sure I’ll continue to forget to take the third turn-off on the M2. It sneaks up on you!

“While I never did get a chance to learn any Vietnamese in my time here, I have eaten at a very trendy little Vietnamese restaurant in Palm Beach – you MUST go when you’re next up this way – so I’m basically fluent”.

Keneally said she was uncertain of her next career move, but revealed she was considering an offer from the Liberal Party to run in Kooyong. “I’ve always considered Melbourne home”.

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