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Joe Rogan apologises for dangerous misinformation and reassures fans ‘it will happen again’ (The Chaser)

Podcast host Joe Rogan has once again come under fire for pushing dangerous misinformation on his podcast. In a seemingly fortnightly occurrence, Joe Rogan showed he is ‘just a guy’ with a statement his PR team created in order to ‘apologise’ for the crazy bullshit and strive to ‘improve’ in the future.

“The cancel culture brigade on Twitter have pointed something valuable out to me, it turns out that whatever anti-vax/ Qanon/ white-supremacist conspiracy theory I pushed in last week’s episode was wrong and the experts actually knew what they were talking about. My show is about having an informed conversation where I blindly believe dangerous and usually racist conspiracy theorists or pose their theories to other guests. But, IF anyone actually considered what I was saying to be in any way factual, I apologise that you thought I would do any research on a topic before I weighed in on it.”

“To listeners of the show who once again see nothing wrong the theories we push we too apologise for failing to get around to all the main incel talking points during that one segment which can be frustrating for you, we agree our ‘political correctness’ definitely went too far. Due to the structure and time constraints on the podcast there is only so much ‘it’s hard to be a rich straight white guy who doesn’t trust vaccines’ energy we can fit into one segment. We promise to everyone listening this we will definitely ‘improve’ on this in the future, and with my friends like Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro you can be sure this won’t be the last you hear about society’s unjust persecution of white people just because they said ‘racist’ or ‘anti-vax’ things.”

“We truly understand it can be very difficult to convince everyone you are smart in conversations where you mention either this podcast or 1984, but thank you for persevering and not stopping. I may be an influencer, but you all know I have no influence over my fans, so please make sure you take this clip and spam it to every hater that ever criticises me in the future. If you do that, I will continue to have informed discussions with racist conspiracy theorists and ignore when both experts and the guests say about ‘these kinds of interviews help spread their message’ because I think it doesn’t. Also big shout out to all my sponsors like Dollar Shave Club, Zoom and many more for supporting us no matter what I say, and of course cant forget Spotify who pay me millions so they can help spread these theories.”

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