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Jobseeker Increase Means Recipients Can Now Afford To Rent An Apartment In Sydney In 1994 (The Shovel)

The announcement of a $3.47-a-day increase in the Jobseeker allowance has been met with jubilation by people across Australia, who say they will now have the funds to rent a rundown flat in outer Sydney 25 years ago.  

The weekly payment now totals $307, enough to easily feed and house a family of four before the turn of the century.

“I kinda don’t know what I’m going to do with all the extra cash,” one Jobkeeper recipient said today. “With $25 extra a week I’d be able to fill up the car with petrol if it was 1983”.

She said if she puts the extra amount aside in a savings account, she’ll have enough for the deposit on a house by 2125.  

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