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Inspired By Gerry Harvey, Woman Pays Back 27% Of Her Centrelink Overpayment (The Shovel)

A Sydney woman has returned $41.18 of a $150 Centrelink overpayment, in a gesture of goodwill she says was motivated by billionaire Gerry Harvey.

The Harvey Norman founder announced today that his company would pay back $6 million of the $22 million Jobkeeper payments it received, inspiring Grace McManus to make a 27% repayment of her own.

“I was just so taken aback by Gerry Harvey’s generosity, I wanted to match that gesture,” the unemployed mother of two said. “Seeing him dig into his own pocket like that to pay back a small proportion of the taxpayer money that was never meant for him, it made me want to do the right thing too”.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was glowing in his praise for the Sydney woman, saying she should receive an award for returning a quarter of the funds not intended for her. “I’d just like to personally thank Ms McManus for this gesture. Of course we don’t expect people to give back Centrelink overpayments – that’s up to them. But this shows great leadership. Good on her,” he said.

Many news websites around the country confirmed they were planning to run front-page stories about the woman’s generosity.

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