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Inner city Greens voter disgusted Scott Morrison doesn’t know a loaf of bread costs $14 (The Shovel)

North Fitzroy architect Simon Nelson said he certainly won’t be voting for a man that doesn’t know that the cost of a basic loaf of artisanal sourdough costs $14.

“How out of touch is this man?” Nelson said, adding that he himself knows the price of everyday items because he personally shops at his neighbourhood bakehouse every Saturday morning after finishing his yoga class.

“Next you’ll tell me he doesn’t know a litre of milk costs $11.50. That’s for your basic almond fair-trade barista blend of course. It’s $13 if you want to upgrade to the lower lactose alternative of cashew milk. Who doesn’t know that?”

Nelson said he didn’t demand the PM know the price of every single grocery item off the top of his head, but he did expect him to be across everyday essentials like milk, bread and quinoa.  

“He paints himself as an everyday, ordinary Australian, but it seems as though he’s never even set foot inside an organic bread bar”.  

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