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Government To Create 250,000 New Job Announcements Over Next Two Years (The Shovel)

An upbeat Josh Frydenberg has promised the creation of at least 10,000 new job announcements each month, in a sign that the market for hollow promises is stronger than ever.

In his budget speech this week, the Treasurer said the government would seek to drive down the number of Australians without a job announcement to below four percent.

“Today there are still too many Australians that are without a job announcement, or that have received a job announcement but are looking for more. This budget will address that”.  

He said Australians could aspect a range of different job announcements, to suit different needs. “Over the coming months you will start to see formal job announcements – usually with flags and red carpets, as well as casual job announcements – those that are made off the cuff. There will be a job announcement for whoever wants one”.

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