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Friday, December 8, 2023

Government Shifts To Netflix Model Of Political Scandals, Dropping All 483 Episodes At Once (The Shovel)

In what it says is a win for consumers, the Federal Government has moved to a Netflix model of political scandal distribution, releasing 3 year’s worth of content all at once.

A spokesperson for the Government said in 2021 people wanted to be able to access scandals at their own pace, rather than the traditional model, which saw them released once every few months.

“It’s about choice. One person might be interested in learning about a gay sex orgy during Question Time, whereas others might prefer the story of a man who jerked off over a desk. With this new model you can dip in and dip out at your own pace,” the spokesperson said.

He admitted that the sheer number of scandals to choose from could be overwhelming. “A lot of people are still stuck on episode one – the cover up of a sexual assault of a female staffer. But the point is to move quickly through the episodes so that you soon forget about the rape accusation and instead focus a gang bang in a prayer room”.

Another 40 episodes will be released tomorrow.

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