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Gladys Asks Virus To Use Common Sense And Not Transmit To Others (The Shovel)

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged the COVID-19 virus to take a common-sense approach to the pandemic and not infect people within the community unless absolutely necessary.

Speaking directly to the virus at today’s press conference, Ms Berejiklian said it was about doing the right thing and taking personal responsibility.

“We’re not going to be providing a long list of the people you can and can’t infect. What we’re asking you is to think carefully before you go out – ‘do I really need to infect this person today?’ I think if we can take that common-sense approach and do the right thing, then we’ll find our way out of this”.

The Premier was hesitant to have a blanket rule about infecting and not infecting. “It is so, so hard to have a precise rule on this. That would lead to chaos. What we’re saying instead is, exercise good judgement. If you can avoid infecting someone in New South Wales, please do”.

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