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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Frantic media advisor proposes Scott do photo opp pretending to be Prime Minister (The Shovel)

With approval ratings tumbling and the Prime Minister’s office running out of ideas of how to turn things around, a rogue advisor in Scott Morrison’s media team has put forward the ‘crazy’ idea of setting up a photo shoot that shows him doing the job of a Prime Minister.

Putting forward her case to the rest of the team, the young advisor pointed out that Scott has dressed up and pretended to do every job in Australia – except one. “We’ve tried Scott as a hairdresser, Scott as a publican, Scott as a truck driver, Scott as a pilot, Scott as a soccer player, Scott as a vaccine scientist, Scott as a builder and Scott as army tank operator. What if we were to – and hear my out here – show Scott doing something to advance the interests of the nation”.

The idea was met with laughter from more experienced advisors, before being quickly shut down. “Sorry kid, it’s simply not believable,” one senior advisor said.  

“The trick with photo opps is it’s got to be at least somewhat credible, so people can relate to it. Scott could conceivably wash someone’s hair or drive a truck, but I don’t think anyone’s going to buy the idea that he could run a country”.

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