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Florida Mom finds Italian Art History magazine stashed underneath teenager’s mattress (The Shovel)

Saying she was ‘not angry, just disappointed,’ Florida mother Katie Rutherford said it was ‘time for a little chat’, after she discovered her son’s stash of Renaissance fine art mags while cleaning his bedroom.

The magazines, which are prohibited for minors in Florida, contained a series of full-body images of 16th Century marble masterpieces as well as detailed descriptions of their importance to the fine-art world.

A mortified Liam, 13, declared the magazines were not his and he was just storing them on behalf of a friend. “I haven’t even looked at them. I don’t even like 16th Century sculpture. I think the ancient Greek canon was much more important in the overall progression of the art form,” he said.

His mother confiscated the stash, saying she would not have that sort of dangerous material in her house. “Use your mattress for storing your guns, not fine art magazines please,” she said.  

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