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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Ellen hired by Australian Parliament as Workplace-Culture Coordinator (The Chaser)

Following the shocking announcement her show would be ending Ellen DeGeneres has begun seeking new employment opportunities. After an entire half-hour of job searching she was quickly hired by the Australian Parliament as their new Workplace-Culture Coordinator.

The talkshow host’s resume boasted her talents which made her the perfect fit for Parliament House; crafting a toxic work environments, passion for abusing her staff, and history of cover ups. Along with her impressive qualifications Ellen’s experience in providing luxurious gifts to viewers showed that she was willing to make necessary bribes.

However, Ellen was almost not given the job when the Liberal Party realised they’d be hiring another woman, of which they’ve already reached maximum in their quota for. A compromise was reached when Ellen told them she could get tickets to Epstein’s Island for Federal Cabinet getaways.

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