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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Dominion agrees to pay Fox News $787 million, Fox News reports (The Shovel)

Proclaiming that it would never lie to its audience, Fox News has told viewers that Dominion Voting Systems has dropped its defamation case, issued an apology and agreed to pay the news network $787.5 million.

“Today, Dominion admitted that its claim that we systematically lie to our audience in order to boost ratings, was a complete fabrication,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson told viewers.

“This is an historic win for Fox News, but it is also a win for journalistic standards, and it is a win for you. When you watch Fox News, you know you’re getting the truth – and this decision by Dominion to pay us almost a billion dollars is proof that we never lied to you”.

Carlson said reports from other news networks that claimed it was actually Fox that had agreed to pay the settlement were fake news. “Just stick to watching Fox and you’ll get all the news you need”.

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