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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Christian Porter Takes Mental Health Leave To Seek The Professional Legal Help He Needs (The Shovel)

After a gruelling period in his personal life, Attorney General Christian Porter has taken ‘a few short weeks’ leave to seek the professional guidance and support of Australia’s best reputation management lawyers.

In an emotional press conference, Mr Porter said it was time to step back, recuperate and take aggressive legal action.

“After speaking with my doctor and my family, I have decided that what’s best for me right now is to spend a few weeks of downtime meticulously preparing a strategic legal case against the national broadcaster.

“I’m not ashamed to say that I will be seeking professional help, and I would encourage other Australians facing their own issues to do the same. I’ve found that the best way to heal is to engage the services of a $25,000-a-day QC”.

He said mending a reputation takes time. “You certainly don’t want to rush these things. This is very much about building a case over time, using the law to your advantage, and gradually regaining control of the narrative until you’re ready to come back from tax-payer funded sick leave”.  

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