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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Christian groups call for religious bill to be dumped now that it doesn’t let them bully trans kids (The Shovel)

Conservative Christian groups have called on the Government to scrap the Religious Discrimination Bill altogether, now that new amendments mean they can’t fuck around with the lives of vulnerable kids.

The groups had strongly supported the bill, right up to the moment when Independent MP Rebekah Sharkie successfully introduced an amendment that stopped the right of religious schools to discriminate against gay and transgender students. They are now calling for it to be dropped.

“Seriously, what’s the point of an anti-discrimination bill if it doesn’t give us the right to discriminate against people? it doesn’t make any sense” one angry Christian lobbyist said. “As Jesus said – God’s love is for almost everyone”.  

Many had assumed the Christian groups would continue to support the bill, due to its protections of religious freedoms. But their latest stance shows that they were only interested in having the right to shit on gay school kids.

“Principals at Christian schools need to have the confidence that they can stand up in an assembly and pick on a gay or trans kid,” one lobbyist said. “There’s very little point for this bill otherwise”.

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