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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Canberra Convoy protestors briefly pause to let government destroy itself (The Shovel)

A group of anti-vaxxer protesters planning to overthrow Australia’s parliamentary system will take a day off today to let the Coalition government do some of the heavy lifting.

One man holding a Eureka flag and wearing a Trump 2020 t-shirt said he was looking forward to a break. “For days we’ve been trying to bring down the government by revealing evidence that there is a reptilian-inspired conspiracy to traffic children through 5G tunnels funded by George Soros. But it looks like a leaked text message calling Scott Morrison a psycho might do the trick,” the man said.

Martha Mooney said she had travelled all the way from Rockhampton to raise awareness of the government’s illegal use of chem-trails on Crown-held land, in contravention of the eighty-fourth amendment of the Magna Carta, but said it seemed like she wasn’t needed anymore. “I’ll be honest, I’m surprised the trove of documents I released on www4-TruthPatriot.com.au/sovereign hasn’t had more impact. But it seems like the government will collapse completely on its own steam”.

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