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Boomer disappointed to learn that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell songs have been removed from his records (The Shovel)

Sydney boomer Graham Whittlesea says he was sad to hear that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have removed songs from his vinyl collection due to something about a bad Rogan josh experience.

“It sounds pretty awful. I’ve had a few bad curries in my time too. Although it hasn’t led to songs getting removed from my LP collection. I’ll have to ask my son to explain how that one works to me,” Whittlesea said.

He said he heard about it on the news. “Apparently you can no longer listen to their songs on the hi-fi because they didn’t like the Rogan josh. Probably something to do with COVID-19.

“It’s annoying, because those records have worked perfectly fine for thirty years, so I’m not sure how they’ve just disappeared out of thin air now. Must’ve been some curry”.  

He said he is hopeful the songs would return after the Rogan josh experience had been dealt with.

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