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Bolt launches defamation lawsuit against himself for making him look like an idiot (The Chaser)

Village idiot and broadcaster Andrew Bolt has today become the latest in a slew of right wing figures attempting to stifle free speech by suing critics for saying mean things about them that hurt their sensitive feelings. Stating that his image has been destroyed beyond beyond repair by the accused’s words, Bolt became the first person in history to sue himself for defamation, demanding $5 million for making himself look like an idiot on air.

“The man has time and time made a mockery of the name Andrew Bolt,” lawyers for Bolt told the court today. “From the time he said lockdowns should end because it’s only stopping the elderly ‘dying a few months earlier’, to the time he accused the ABC of not fact checking in a documentary actually made by News Corp, to the time he asked why men who rape children keep getting put in jail, to the time he claimed Melbourne was over-run with African gangs, to the time he was convicted in court of being racist, to the time he misquoted scientific articles on climate change in order to try make it sound like the opposite of what scientists themselves were actually saying, to the time he accused a young girl of having “so many mental disorders” because she believed in climate change, to the time he claimed to be leaving Melbourne but it turned out he was only moving a few kilometres away, to the time … you know what, maybe it would be faster to list the handfull of things he said that didn’t make him look like an idiot.”

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