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Barnaby Joyce Appointed To Status Of Women Taskforce. Says He Hopes Current Status Is “Single” (The Shovel)

In a move designed to prove that the Government has only just started when it comes to shitting on women, newly minted Deputy Prime Minister and alleged sexual harasser Barnaby Joyce has been appointed to the Status of Women Taskforce. Joyce says he hopes their status is ‘single’.

“I do hope, I do hope, Mr Speaker, that we investigate and discover that the status of these women is in fact single!” Mr Joyce laughed. “But if not, don’t worry, it’s never stopped me before!”

Joyce said he had a huge amount of experience when it came to women. “I understand women’s affairs – or should I say, affairs with women – better than most”.

At a press conference late Thursday, Joyce reassured female journalists that he was a changed man. “I understand I have made mistakes in the past, but I have reformed. So you won’t see any sexism or mansplaining – mansplaining of course meaning that I talk down to you because you’re a woman”.


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