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Australians annoyed that English cricketers can get test results within 3 days (The Shovel)

With PCR test results taking up to a week and rapid antigen tests impossible to find, Australians are furious that English cricketers seem to be the only group in the country able to get a negative test result so quickly.

Sydney resident Andrew McIntosh said it showed a total lack of fairness. “I lined up in Sydney for a test on the 5th of January and still haven’t got a result. Yet somehow Joe Root and the English cricket team can just waltz down to Hobart and get a negative outcome in under 18 hours. It’s ridiculous”.

He pointed out that the English had also received a sub three-day result in Melbourne just two weeks before. “I’ve got a mate who had a test on Boxing Day too. He would’ve loved to have had it all sorted in 2.5 days”.

Melbourne woman Felicity Frampton said she’d been stuck in a queue all day waiting to get a test. “There was more movement in the first half hour in Hobart than I’ve had in this queue all day”.

Headline by Peter Tovey

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