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Friday, September 30, 2022

Australian Couple Stranded Overseas Told They’re Not Racist Enough To Gain Entry To Country (The Shovel)

A couple who has been separated from their family in Australia since 2019 has been told to show a little more hatred towards minority groups if they want to be considered for entry into the country.

“We accept that your mother is sick and you may not get to see her again before she dies. But we regret to inform you that your application to enter the country of your citizenship has been denied at this time. Have you considered a regular racist column in a right wing tabloid?”

The response said the family could reapply, and gave tips for future applications. “At this time we are prioritising non-Australian, attention-seeking bigots, but you are able to reapply at any time. Previous successful applicants have found that using words associated with the Holocaust, or spreading anti-sematic conspiracy theories have added to their case. Islamophobia, fat-shaming and comparing migrants to cockroaches is also looked upon favourably”.

A spokesperson from Australian Border Force defended the decision to deny the family entry. “We understand that being separated from a dying family member can be difficult. But it’s not as if they have a reality show for a racist TV network to record. Some perspective here is required”.

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