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Australia Accused Of Human Rights Abuses After Pledging To Send Jacob’s Creek To Britain (The Shovel)

Australia will send thousands of bottles of $7.95 Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Sparkling to Britain in what has been described as an unusual and unnecessarily cruel treatment of an ally.

Australia said the move was part of a ‘free trade agreement’, but many are questioning whether it contravenes the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“This is an act of deception and dishonesty,” one international law expert said. “Shipping pallet loads of Jacob’s Creek into Britain and tricking us into thinking it’s a complex, sophisticated wine is an act of malice. We’re still getting over the Yellowtail”.

A spokesperson for the British consumer rights association said it was one of the most aggressive peacetime acts she had seen in years.

“Everyone has the right to go about their daily life without being subjected to wine like this. Australia is meant to be one of Britain’s closest allies. This is not how friends treat friends”.

The United Nations has been alerted.

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