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Anti-Vaxxer Friend Says You Will Be Immediately Convinced After Watching These Sixteen 4-Hour YouTube Videos (The Shovel)

A friend who moved to Byron Bay three years ago to reconnect with her inner energy field, says you will instantly change your mind about vaccinations after you watch 60 hours of YouTube footage she has personally curated for you.

In a lengthy post on Facebook in which she implored her friends to be open to the possibility that they might be being brainwashed by the government and big pharma, she referred to a list of sixteen four-hour videos that, when watched in full, would immediately change their world view.

“If you open your heart and open your mind and spend eight hours a day watching videos of people who never finished high school talking into a dash-cam camera about the dangers of vaccinations doctors don’t want you to know about, then I know you will immediately reconsider your position.

“To open your mind to the truth, all you need is love. Love and a 500GB per month broadband plan”.

She told her friends to ‘wake up’ to the reality. “It all becomes so crystal clear how much you’ve been manipulated when you pull an all-nighter watching auto-play videos on YouTube”.

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