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Friday, December 8, 2023

Andrew Bolt: 7 Reasons Why The Desk’s Claim That It Was Masturbated On Should Be Questioned (The Shovel)

A liberal staffer is accused of performing a sex act on a female MPs desk, and within hours he’s lost his job. That’s how the rabid media works these days. Cheering on the downfall of an innocent man until they get their way. This is the mob at work, where proof doesn’t matter and facts that don’t suit get played down or suppressed.

But let’s stop for a moment to consider what really happened on the night in question. Was the desk really defiled by this man? Maybe. But maybe not. Let’s be brave enough to ask some probing questions about this sordid affair.

What was the desk doing in the MP’s office in the first place? Don’t you think it’s strange that a desk would be in Parliament House, alone late at night? What was it doing there? Did it have security clearance? Or was their an ulterior motive?

Why didn’t the desk report this at the time of the incident? It’s very convenient that this is released to the media now. Just as the government is getting on top of its other sex scandals. If this really happened, why wasn’t it report to police at the time?

Was the desk drunk? We’re not supposed to ask this question, according to PC culture. But these things matter. Had the desk been drinking? And if so, how much?

Even if this did occur, how do we know the desk didn’t consent? This is the problem with these issues. It’s he said/desk said. Maybe the desk wanted to be ejaculated over. If we’d had a proper process – like a consent app – we’d know.

Is this just a simple case of regret? The desk wakes up the next morning, regrets what it’s done and now takes it out on this poor man, ruining his career in the process. We’ve seen it a hundred times before.

Why didn’t the desk just leave the MP’s office? It’s got functioning legs. If it didn’t like it, why didn’t it leave? Isn’t it more likely that it wanted to be there all along? And was the desk even Australian anyway?

Why was the desk out alone? I’m sorry, but desks need to take responsibility sometimes. Why was it out alone at night in a place as dangerous as Parliament House?

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