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Peregian Beach
Sunday, July 21, 2024

A menace in the dunes (PBCA)

Whether you live near Peregian Beach or love to visit, you can do your bit to help us control a menace that is threatening our dunes.

A message from local bushcare legend Rochelle Gooch.

Those orange-flowered Gloriosa lilies are far from beautiful.

They are a toxic garden escapee, exploding along our coast this Summer in record numbers, rapidly displacing our precious native plants that are so important in our dune system.

A handful of our bushcarers have removed 9,000 of these weeds recently, but we need your help.

  1. Remove them from your garden.
  2. On your way to or from the beach, pluck a handful by the stem and leave them in a pile by the path or near a bin.
  3. Just removing the flower heads before they seed can be a great help.
  4. Tell your kids and friends (or maybe our kids can teach their parents) about the importance of protecting the fragile dunes that are essential to our coastline.

It just takes a minute to leave a handful of gloriosa lilies beside your favourite beach path.

Thanks, Rochelle.

Do you recognise our coast’s worst weeds:

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