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Thursday, September 29, 2022

20-Year Afghanistan Conflict Solved In 3 Minutes By Guy On Twitter (The Shovel)

A conflict that has confounded world leaders for almost two decades has been all sorted by @Jase421, it has been confirmed.

“Just go in there, shoot the Taliban fighters, airlift out the foreign citizens and interpreters, make sure everyone is safe, and then whoever wants to stay can stay #NotRocketScience” he tweeted, not even requiring the full 280 character limit to neatly wrap up the 20-year conflict.

Other users were quick to praise the analysis, with many saying they couldn’t work out why military strategists hadn’t adopted a similar strategy before.  

“So obvious when you put it like that,” one user tweeted.

“Send this to Joe Biden STAT,” another wrote.

One user simply tweeted, “This. 100% this”.

@Jase421 has since been contacted by the UN for assistance in resolving the Israel/Palestine conflict.

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