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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Barnaby Joyce to save thousands a week on adult phone-lines after Telstra announce free calls from pay-phones (The Chaser)

Telstra’s announcement that calls made from pay-phones across the country would now be free was jubilation today by DBarnaby Joyce, who realised he would now be able to save thousands of dollars a week on charges to adult phone-lines.

Joyce was recently voted in by his party to the position of Deputy Prime Minister, due to an editorial mix-up that meant that members thought they were voting for “Most Likely Party Member to Butt-Dial A Sex Line.” Surely enough, as soon as Telstra’s announcement was made, witnesses spotted Joyce racing to the nearest payphone down the road from Parliament House.

Experts say making calls from pay-phones free will be a huge boost to the economy, meaning that Joyce will now save enough money annually to afford to pay for seven extra families.

Joyce is now pushing for new legislation to make the booths big enough to fit at least 2 more people and a swing-set.

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